the ZINE

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a collection of essays by lilla lilith, flamboyadior, hans west, beyond trafficking and slavery, photos by rubis collective and illustrations by ringaile demsyte.

limited edition of 30, hand-printed in amsterdam, individually numbered. 

composed by two zines which, when unfolded, turn into posters.

this educational zine written by PORNO STORE's team and friends delves into society's double standards when it comes to sex/sex work.

we asked questions as "why it's known that sex sells but selling sex is something to be ashamed of?" and exposed themes such as the fetishization of minorities and harm reduction.

since oceans separate us from some of you, we've decided to launch an online version of the zine. this way no international shipping is needed, making it easier (and more affordable) for information to arrive to all corners of the planet. 

if you are interested in this reading material but can't afford it right now, please send us an email at 

 all digital copies are expected to be sent out by 10-02-2020