we could've never made this project without the amazing help from our friends and peers. we are forever grateful for all the hard work everyone had put into this.

ankita tobit - for her killer copywriting and ideas,

george ancock - for producing and directing our video experience,

jack roland & siemen gijbels - for designing and developing our web experience and making our wildest cyber dreams come true,

hugo boccara - for making our hotline track in the most amazing way we could've never explained in words,

emiljia juskaite - for jumping in the project when we were needing the most and for being the best first intern someone could've asked for,

samuel - for the amazing make up & support on our shooting night,

lilla, daniel, jesse & mr. hans - for opening your lives to us, for the good chats, amazing exchange, and learning experiences you've provided us. we're so grateful to you,

the guys from pantera in brazil - for making our raw videos into a trippy visual experience,

also the guys from wave - for taking our project to a completely next level with their impeccable sound design,

& last, but not least, my mom - for the emotional support and for trusting me into working with a subject she didn't quite understand the need for but that she was open for discussing it for hours and hours over the phone. and with this, for showing me that education is the base for any change in the world.